Updates on Free Shuttle Bus Transportation Arrangement

The capacity of each bus is 78 people. Participants are advised to make reservations in advance and arrive at the Mu On Street Bus Station 15 minutes early. Latecomers will not be accommodated. 

Please note that each participant is only allowed to register for one designated bus schedule on the same day. If there are duplicate registrations or registrations for multiple bus schedules by the same person, the organizer reserves the right to cancel all related reservations for that person.

1st Ride   :13:45 (Press here for registration)

2nd Ride :14:15 (Press here for registration)

3rd Ride  :14:45 (Press here for registration)

4th Ride  :15:15 (Press here for registration)

5th Ride  :15:45 (Press here for registration)

6th Ride  :16:15 (Press here for registration

For more information on other transportation arrangements, please refer to the transportation guide for detailed instructions.

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